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This nomination page is dedicated to those who are making a difference at SCC through Teaching and Learning.


Criterion 3:

  • Engaged learning in classroom and in the online environment.

  • Celebrating our faculty and staff achievements in their field.

  • How we support our students, faculty and staff to be successful each day.


Criterion 4:

  • Evaluation And Improvement

    • Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO)

      • Career & Professional Readiness

      • Innovative & Critical Thinking

      • Effective Communication

      • Community Engagement & Social Responsibility

      • Wellness & Resiliency

Casey Glassburner

I adopted different ELE activities that Casey utilized in her classroom. Some of these are simple and quick, but you can see the students retain the content more when they have a task to complete within the classroom that ties with the content being taught.

Casey Glassburner

Casey does matrix sheets not only for the student to do in class or take home to complete but she also creates the matrix as an in-class, up and moving, activities for everyone to get involved. She is constantly creating new exercises like Bingo and Sequencing activities to help the students learn.

Jill Ahrens

Jill is new faculty that has embraced the challenges to be a better faculty member. She has a great amount of industry experience and jumped on the opportunity to redevelop a course in her second semester of teaching. This was also during the time she is taking Canvas training, human development training for her dual credit certificate, and teaching a new course for the first time. Her previous work experience will be such a huge asset to this course. Her subsequent Canvas training will make this course more robust, engaged and directed to student success.

Elliot Wagner

In the lab, I challenge students daily to display effective communication with their lab partners. The OR is a great example of teamwork, critical thinking, and utilizing effective communication. Challenging students now in the classroom to work together and to critical think in high pressure situations will help prepare them once they begin clinical in the summer and to continue improving after they graduate. Problems often come up in the OR and as a CST we have to know how to identify and to correct those issues with precision and quickness. In lab they get to practice this as well.

Laura Stallings

I teach lab so we are actively teaching students the skills needed to join the workforce. I also really focus on the professionalism side as that is what our employers really seem to be worried about when hiring a new employee. I am constantly talking to the students about critical thinking and applying concepts we have taught for them to use in emergent situations where they need to be able to think fast on their feet. We also have the student do philanthropic activities before they graduate to help them be aware of diversity and how they can help others.

Amy Kellogg

As a Medical Assisting Instructor, I will be preparing students to work in a ambulatory clinical setting. The students will be learning to work closely with providers in family and specialty healthcare clinics. Students will be involved in patient simulation of actively listening and collecting vital information for the provider of the patient's concerns and healthcare issues. The students will be learning skills for expressing empathy and engaging respectfully of patient's culture, ethnicity and race to allow patients to be treated completely, effectively, & efficiently in a clinic healthcare setting.

Student will be practicing critical thinking and effective communication skills when reading and implementing provider's orders, drawing up and administering medications, patient education while continuing to practice inclusive and respectful delivery of information, obtaining vital signs, and recording pertinent medical information that will be placed in the patients medical records.

Students will practice skills for pursing personal growth not only academically with life long learning, but continue to grow in compassion, kindness, empathy, and the skills to be an invaluable employee to their fellow coworkers and supervisors.

Rick Horne

As instructors in our program, we teach the students to critically think all the time. I do this in the classroom by asking them to teach me the procedure before we go over it. It makes them critically think about each step. It also allows them to interact in class. To question the proper order. To question if they are correct. It allows the students to run the class and I just facilitate and fill in the blanks that they have. This also allows them to work on effective communication in a group setting. We don't criticize incorrect answers rather encourage more input... Effective communication is vital in the operating room. This allows them to be heard and learn proper communication techniques.

Amanda Stratman

As Director of the Accommodation Resource Office at SCC, Amanda's goal is to advocate for the needs of students with disabilities. Asking for help and support can be difficult, and Amanda and the ARO Support Specialists create supportive, non-judgmental environments that balance advocating for and empowering students so that they can have equitable access in the classroom.

Kenzie Henrichs

Kenzie Henrichs is the LPN Instructor at the Beatrice Campus - Kenzie is a pro at integrating engaged learning activities into her classroom. She keeps everything relevant and presents content in various ways to make it "stick" with the students. Every instructor at SCC could learn something from Kenzie; her students are fortunate to have her as an instructor. Kenzie uses H5P, Kahoot, Padlet, Study mate, virtual escape rooms, and many other activities, which took a tremendous amount of time and energy to organize. Kenzie has also been a constructive mentor to new nursing faculty. Keep it up, Kenzie!

Lori Crawford

Lori works hard to make sure her students are engaged and learning. She spends extra time preparing for lab and class to make sure her nursing students have the most realistic experience possible. She keeps notes each semester and is always actively working to improve her courses from semester to semester.

Anne Loudon

Anne is a fabulous Faculty Advisor in the Business program! She goes way above and beyond to meet the needs her advisees. She sends out wonderful emails to keep her students on top of their game. I have witnessed her reach out and extend not just a helpful hand, but a very kind heart to more than one of her students. She provides support and guidance to the students assigned to her, and I wish all Faculty Advisors had her heart and took the time that she does.

Kellie Long

I utilized engaged learning in my classrooms. I like to have class discussions, think pair share, virtual escape rooms, having students write NCLEX questions in groups, and role play to name a few. I have created many H5Ps for my online portion of courses I teach. I support my students by meeting with them on a regular basis about any concerns they may have. I provide quality feedback on assignments and with my clinical grading.

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