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This nomination page is dedicated to those who are making a difference at SCC through Teaching and Learning.


Criterion 3:

  • Engaged learning in classroom and in the online environment.

  • Celebrating our faculty and staff achievements in their field.

  • How we support our students, faculty and staff to be successful each day.


Criterion 4:

  • Evaluation And Improvement

    • Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO)

      • Career & Professional Readiness

      • Innovative & Critical Thinking

      • Effective Communication

      • Community Engagement & Social Responsibility

      • Wellness & Resiliency

Courtney Bruntz

As an Associate Dean, I see Courtney supporting and encouraging her faculty on a daily basis. This trickles down in terms of faculty confidence, to be effective and engaging in the classroom, investing in student development and learning. Courtney's calm, kind demeanor is evident, and her positive intentions are clear to the faculty she oversees.

Janet Scott

Janet has collaborated with others in various disciplines to help develop the Global Certificate. It was a huge undertaking that took time and energy, which also included developing and teaching a new course. She now works with faculty in our Business division to guide and support accurate course selection, as well as with various students identified as potential matches. She has made herself available for questions, even during high-stress planning time, to ensure faculty and students have information and encouragement.

Eric Smith

I don't have the opportunity to watch Eric Smith in the classroom since I work in the Testing Center. Eric utilizes the testing center for student make up exams or students needing testing accommodations. He is flexible with the test due dates and gives students ample opportunity to complete tests. He also breaks larger tests into two day tests, so students don't feel rushed to do the work. He is always quick to pick up completed tests, so he can grade exams and provide feedback to students.

Kathy Zabel

I have seen Kathy take the time to meet with students to clarify program requirements, suggest paths for success and offer to assist them along their academic journey. Her enthusiasm and care comes through!

Lori Crawford

Lori is always researching new ways but also adapting teaching methods to reach all types of learners.

Jill Sand

Jill is a strong leader who leads by example. She supports, encourages, and motivates people to be the best version of themselves. She cares deeply for her staff, faculty, and all SCC students.

Beth Deinert and Linda Hartman, Business Co-Chairs

Business Co-Chairs, Beth and Linda, go above and beyond when it comes to supporting and empowering faculty, helping students and promoting SCC's mission. Beth and Linda are available and ready to help when faculty have questions about advising, classes, graduation, or any other matter that needs attention. If students' advisors are not available at the time they walk in, Beth and Linda help students register for classes and answer any questions students have. Beth and Linda are committed to making SCC a welcoming atmosphere for students. Beth’s and Linda’s dedication to SCC vision are admirable. They are making an impact and positive difference at SCC!

Sue Fielder

Sue is always going above and beyond in trying to help faculty learning new tools, methods of teaching, and just general course design. She is very engaged and active in this practice seeking out faculty who may be shy to ask for help and guiding them to provide better learning environments for students.

Cynthia Surround

Cynthia is always kind and compassionate, both with students and faculty. She listens to all the facts/perceptions before offering advice or information. Students feel a strong connection and feel that she is easily approachable, and she is a good friend and colleague on our team.

Sue Fielder

I really enjoy working with Sue on projects. She is excited to help me put my ideas into action and offers quality feedback from a student learning perspective. With her help I have been able to design quality student activities that support both in person and online classroom learning.

Linda Hartman

Linda is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who may need it. She does so with a smile on her face and a positive attitude.

Thuy Pham

Thuy has moved into the Financial Aid Associate Director with lots of steller. Her new duties are completely new and she is excelling in her new role. I really appreciate the technology knowledge she brings to the position, as it adds new ideas how to be more efficient.

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