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This page is dedicated to those who have empowered others through the SCC mission, have shown commitment to students and staff and display integrity and ethical and responsible conduct at SCC.

Mission In Motion & Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct  

Thank you to those who display the SCC Mission in Motion or display integrity through ethical and responsible conduct.

Jessica Murry

Jessica goes above and beyond when meeting with students to help them understand their options and does a phenomenal job educating students and parents regarding the difference between technical programs. She's welcome, caring and listens to students' needs.

Tyler Bonnickson

Amanda Skuban

Amanda is one of the best people that I have had the pleasure to know. She has a dedication to SCC, she has a solid work ethic, and she has integrity and transparency on all aspects of this project (HLC). Also, Amanda is a great health division team member, and cares about safety.

Vicki Coffin

Professional and empathetic student interaction

Jessica Himmelberg

Jessica has a solid moral compass! She works with a very diverse population of applicants and can always be counted on to raise a question or concern if the process is not equitable and fair. She is an advocate, and luckily, a leader in our area to guide others in always "doing the right thing"! Proud to work alongside her.

Mark Meints

Mark always acts with the best interest of the college in mind in all he does. He works diligently to ensure we are in compliance with all laws and regulations, despite occasional challenges. Because of him, we have implemented many procedures and safety measures to keep students and staff safe on campus.

Jason Adams

I have always seen Jason project positive and ethical treatment and practices with all students.

Lori Crawford

Lori had an interaction with a student that was needed to follow our guidelines but done in a kind manner.

Shawna Herwick

Shawna is always going above and beyond. Consistently displays integrity in all aspects of her job and works diligently for fairness.

Student Resident Assistants

Our SCC RAs have the difficult job of holding their peers accountable to code of conduct violations. However, when this is done with respect, compassion and transparency; all students have the opportunity for growth and learning.

Kaye Eiland

Kaye provides tailored and special events for prospective students. I admire how far she will go to make a meaningful and engaging event for the students and educational partners she serves. I have modeled after her this year when I took on the role of event planner for a few different groups. She is exposing students to possibilities they may not know are possible and she is also passing that gift on to colleagues to continue paying it forward!

Jason Adams

Jason always strives to transform students, and faculty in change and assessment. He is always looking at new and different ways to teach students in better and more up to date ways. He is currently working on many new pathways in the programs he is in charge of. The pilot program that he is part of has given many opportunities in this. As far as workforce development, he created what we call Contractor connection, where we have contractors come in and bring lunch, and work with students in placement within their company, even in the first semester.

McKenzie Henrichs

McKenzie has met with community agencies to help our program find excellent clinical sites for our nursing students.

Joe Sajevic

Joe displays integrity daily as a SENCAP Coordinator. A specific event I can think of him displaying Ethical and Responsible Conduct is recently when he spearheaded understanding FERPA laws and how they affect our role serving high school students who are SCC students as well.

Shelly Tolle

Shelly works with students to help create resumes. She works with the employers and represents the college as a leader. She believes in helping employers find a good fit for their companies.

Lindsey Welty

Lindsey is a student who is conscientious about citing the sources well.

Kevin Uhler

Kevin is great at finding the positive in any situation while looking at the situation from every angle.

Sabrine Jomaa

Sabrine is a very dedicated learner. She attends every class and comes prepared with a smile on her face and ready for each new day. Sabrine also does a wonderful job self-advocating for herself. She is such a strong and intelligent individual.

Melissa Rios

Melissa is a great student for many reasons, but one that really stands out is her responsible conduct. Melissa has missed few classes, but when she does, she always completes her work as posted on CANVAS and checks with me to see if there is anything else she needs to do. She is also full of integrity. I have her in two classes, and she is always completing her assignments to the best of her ability.

Spencer Barkdoll

Spencer is always early to class and eager to understand what we are working on. If he gets done early, he will help other students understand how the system works.

Jacob Hanley

On a daily basis, Jacob shows gratitude, honesty, reliability, and is extremely respectful to everyone around him.

Kat Kreikemeier

Kat has effective work habits that demonstrate interests in the success of SCC

Linda Hartman

Linda has integrity. Her morals and high values help her become a strong leader within the business program.

Wyatt A Miller

Wyatt is a first semester John Deere program student. He is thoughtful in class, speaks up with questions, and is very honest about what he does and doesn't understand. I am impressed by his openness and honesty.

Kevin Uhler

Kevin is a transformational leader, connected to all faculty on the Milford campus. He leads with integrity, vision, and transparency. We are lucky to have him as our Associate Dean.

Lori Vancura

Lori practices ethical, responsible conduct when handling student records and requests for information related to registration. As a Program Chair I have many interactions with Lori on a weekly basis and she is very respectful in handling questions that I have regarding a student's academic record.

Maryjan Fiala

I nominate Maryjan as part of the Diversity and Inclusion Team, for helping to show teachers how to treat every student with kindness and respect without losing the educational value of our lessons.

SCC Student

A student brought to my attention that a student had taken a picture of a test and provided it to others. I was not able to locate any evidence, however; the students have a refresher on academic integrity and the consequences of cheating.

Casey Glassburner

Casey always putting the student and her staff first. Always professional.

Ashley Fritz

Ashley always goes above and beyond as the program chair. Ashley is always ensuring that we are following our program handbook, and that we are staying consistent and fair for student success.

Kelly Banks

Kelly identified a change that potential impacted a contractual arrangement for a long-standing training agreement. The arrangement originated with another individual, but she made a point to bring it to my attention so we could take the necessary steps to honor the agreement and notify the appropriate parties about our planned changes.

Carolee Ritter

Any member of the Arts and Science Division can bring a complex issue to Carolee's attention, and she will go out of her way to make sure that she gives (or finds) the best solution. She uses her understanding of the big picture and all of the intricate details to offer and support creative solutions. It is no small task to help others make the best decision possible with all of the moving parts involved. She remains approachable, accessible, open, and encouraging of new ideas. She finds ways to ethically and responsibly approach every situation, and I admire her for that.

Janet Scott

Janet is an extremely valuable faculty advisor and advocate for international students. She takes time to work with any student she knows - whether she is their advisor or not- to help them navigate the complex admissions, registration, and planning aspects of their college education. She goes above and beyond to help student navigate scholarships, testing, and transfer advising to maximize their time and educational opportunities at SCC.

Linda Hartman

Everything Linda does is geared towards student success and always in a positive way.

Dr. Illich

Dr. Illich goes above and beyond his role as the President of SCC by showing respect and kindness to every faculty, staff, student, parent and visitors throughout our SCC community. He is a true believer in the SCC Mission and shows it daily!

Beth Deinert

Beth is always helping instructors and students with questions. She is always transforming our instructors to their best potential to help us serve our students.

Adam Niederklein

Adam is very intentional with empowering high school students in their exploration of pathways to college and career. He values the pursuit of knowledge and self-growth and creates engaging opportunities for students to grow. Adam is an active listener and asks questions that challenge, support, and/or encourage the sharer. He actively engages in reading, listening, and conversations that inspire his own personal growth as well.

Tracie Klosterman

Tracy is someone who demonstrates the SCC Mission in Motion. Tracie has such a positive, upbeat demeanor and has a heart for students. She empowers and transforms students by her willingness to meet them where they are at and help them with any content that is needed. She is accessible to students and coworkers when needed. A case in point was when a co-op student contacted her for a “motivational moment.” The student was struggling at her job and just needed some encouragement. Tracie’s words of encouragement were just what the student needed to hear to continue her job that day. Tracie has also worked on revamping the stackable certificate and diploma program that will provide additional educational opportunities for students. She has visited area businesses in an effort to match the Office Professional curriculum with the skills needed by area employers.

Marguerite Himmelberg

From the day I have started, Marguerite is busy and, on the ball, helping to transform workplace development; in particular, local industry. When approached by trade industries Marguerite has aided in getting things done that has helped employers and our programs during the pandemic.

Carolee Ritter

Carolee does Emotional Intelligence training to faculty in Arts and Sciences.

Sanela Ganic

Sanela does so many things to live out the SCC mission. She is an active member of Lincoln Literacy and assists community members in their transition to the U.S. In addition, she is an extremely valuable member of the business faculty and goes above and beyond to create the best educational experiences possible for students, particularly international students.

Nancy McConkey

Nancy works closely with staff and is careful to make responsible, thoughtful decisions that impact employees and students alike.

Jessica Long

Jessica sent a thoughtful email and asked our colleagues to donate goods in order to help someone struggling in an unstable home life. Her thoughtfulness provided this person a sense of hope and restored faith in this person's future.

Marlyce Carlson

Marlyce promotes Integrity and Ethical responsibility each and every day at SCC. She is an instructor within the Business division. She works hard to keep accurate records, meet with students, and works to provide quality support to her students and the division. All of her work is done with integrity. We are so lucky to have such a fabulous instructor in our division. Marlyce also embraces the professional model as it was intended. She goes above and beyond her 40 hours as an instructor and advisor. She is always available to SCC. I wish we had more instructors like Marlyce!

Saul Cohn

During my SOCI-1010 classes on Tues. Thursday, I noticed a Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator had been left on the lectern. rather than leaving class with the calculator there, I took the calculator, flagged Aaron down with Security, and he brought it to the Lost and Found.

Jamie Hosler

I had a student who wanted to apply for the 2023 start and had a previous Bachelor's degree but was missing Pharmacology & Dosage Calculations which Jamie teaches and it was 3 weeks into the fall semester. I called Jamie asking if she would consider letting him start late and helping him get caught up otherwise, he would have to wait a full year to apply and I was pretty sure he would pick a different program. Jamie agrees and actively helped get the paperwork signed, met with the student and got him caught up. Jamie did not focus on herself but instead on what was best for the student in assisting him in his path to success at SCC.

Julie Wollberg

Julie has always been there to help students and follow staff members. I was a new instructor to SCC and Julie stepped up and helped answer any question, and if she didn't know she knew who to contact. Helped me a lot. I watched her do the same for students.

SCC Staff

I have yet to experience anything but ethical and responsible conduct from anyone associated with SCC. The culture and behavior of SCC employees is pretty impressive. I have experienced a high moral character from everyone within our organization, so I can't pick just one.

Fred Scott

Fred holds himself and students to a high level of Academic Integrity.

Natasha Holly

Natasha has been a great help orienting me as new faculty and helping set up lab in Crete. Responsive helpful patience.

Rachel Sommerer

Rachel is the Associate Director of Financial Aid at the Milford Campus. She has way of looking at things from all angles and can supply reasoning for why things fall as they should. She is a wonderful asset to our FA Team!

Mackenzie Chapek

Mackenzie Chapek uses communication and transparency to keep students up to date and make them knowledgeable about college resources and policies.

Crystal Kozak

She coordinates ECED student group, to help the student group officers to grow in leadership roles. She works with this groups of students to help plan and run events for the students in the program to come together outside of class.

Kerri Grummert

With NCLEX examination changing next year for RN's, Kerri has embraced the challenge to develop a supportive program for faculty and students moving to next generation questioning. In supporting staff, she has attended conferences and brought back key aspects of implementation of new questions, samples and developed a website for faculty support. For students, she has been an integral person assisted faculty to begin developing next generation questions and implementing these in the fall semester in class for exposure, beginning to implement questions in exams in the spring for exposure for students prior to national testing. Kerri is leading a team to evaluate next gen questions as the faculty begin to implement use. She is eager to share and search for information for faculty for resources. She has attempted to develop next gen questions in canvas and made videos for faculty as resources. This is extremely challenging as canvas does not support the next generation style questioning.

Melissa Troyer

Melissa encourages the Financial Aid staff to engage in all trainings that they can, including virtual trainings. This enables the department to stay on top of ever-changing Federal regulations.

Misty Wehling

Misty Wehling has worked relentlessly over several years to win a National Science Foundation grant to support SCC students in pursuing a career in the Biotech industry. This grant also supports the growth of SCC's Biotech program and Nebraska's growing biotech industry. She has been an exemplar of the resilience we hope to instill in SCC students. It took multiple attempts to win one of these highly competitive grants, and Misty and the Biotech team kept working to improve their proposals until they succeeded.

Newel Ahmed

Newel constantly goes above and beyond to provide support to students who come to the Advising Center. She is always willing to help students and staff with whatever they need, whether it is part of her job or not. She is a central figure to the Advising Center because of her kindness and care--she helps make the environment in our office one that is welcoming and open to all. Her ability to empower those around her makes others feel heard and valued.

Caleb Herwick

Caleb is always looking for ways to create and improve career pathways in our division and to make and maintain relationships with Workforce Development members.

Stacey Zimmerle

Stacey teaches several sections of the ECED Success at SCC course, and empowers students to create meaningful goals. She also records regular videos for her online classes, keeping students up to date on what is expected each week.

Courtney Bruntz

Regular faculty meetings such as the upcoming Academic Integrity workshop and have up do a pre-workshop activity. Inclusive and empowering!

Kat Kreikemeier

Kat works tirelessly to organize and staff many Admission events providing educational opportunities about SCC. With being short on staff in her department, you will see her not only organize and communicate each event, but she will be taking part in the events to cover the challenge of being short staffed. She puts in 110%.

Natasha Holly

She has assisted me as a new adjunct to get the CNA program at Crete set up. She has been down on numerous occasions to bring supplies. She answers questions promptly and is so encouraging.

Theresa Parker

Theresa Parker is the Program Director of the Long-Term Care program. She is always incredibly kind, supportive and thorough in her communications with her students. Her willingness to spend the time answering her students' questions in great detail with kindness and encouragement shows how much she cares about her student's success. She is a great colleague and who assumes the best in everyone. It's a honor and a joy to work with Theresa.

Lynnette Frey

Lynnette is an excellent instructor who takes great pride in manufacturing and those who participate in the program. She works with students where they're at to build their confidence and make sure they are understanding the content that will lead to their future careers in manufacturing. Most of all, she puts the student’s well-being first and works closely with her college advisor and other college resources to make sure they are getting the most out of their time at SCC. On top of all of that, Lynnette attends various conferences and participates in the manufacturing community to spread the word about Nebraska's workforce needs and how SCC can help industries meet those needs.

Cinda Konken

Cinda works tirelessly to promote SCC throughout the 15-county service area by providing opportunities throughout the 6 Learning Center and the Dual Credit options for high school students. Without her leadership, it would not be one of the largest areas of growth at SCC.

Lynnett Paneitz

Lynnett Paneitz is all of the above. She not only empowers and transforms her students, but she is also a great motivator for those around her. Lynnett is a very engaged in the task at hand and gives to not only her own program, but to other Health Science programs, the community, and workforce. Lynnett is very deserving of this nomination and is a true example of the SCC Mission in Motion.

Lynnette Frey

Lynnette engages her students in SkillsUSA. She is really pushing her students to do amazing things in designing things. She seems to offer many opportunities for her students to engage with the industry as well. They were even on a podcast about manufacturing.

Carrie Derickson

Carrie has a great way with prospective students during tours. She is informative and knowledgeable about the different programs. She has been a big part of onboarding Professional Truck Driver Training students.

Renae Reis

Rena is very new to SCC (as I myself am) and I have witnessed her going above and beyond to see through any tasks tossed on her desk. She truly has a passion for SCC and the students and staff and she is driven to see all succeed, doing anything she can along the way to see that happen.

Nicole Trevena Flores

Nicole is involved in Global Education, Lunch and Learn for Diversity and Inclusion, is a co-sponsor of psych/soc club and is always looking for more opportunities to promote new classes and activities for SCC. Nicole is involved in Global Education, Lunch and Learn for Diversity and Inclusion, is a co-sponsor of psych/soc club and is always looking for more opportunities to promote new classes and activities for SCC students. Her dedication to SCC and SCC students are apparent with her constant involvement and dedication to the college.

Vicki Rethmeier

Vicki displays a "can do" attitude. She takes a personal interest in her program and the students. She looks at what is in the best interest of the student and their learning styles. She is helpful to other programs that she collaborates by being a team player. She is creative in her approach.

Mackenzie Chapek

Mackenzie stepped into a new role as college advisor and has just done an amazing job of meeting students where they are and help them find support. She always has a smile on her face as well as a great attitude when engaging with students and staff.

Katherine Ortiz

I like to share with my students my educational story. I ask my students what they want to do after they earn their GED. I will look for opportunities for them and have them call the SCC dept. that they are interested in so obtain more information. I will also let my students know that my full-time job is a recruiter so if they are looking for job opportunities to let me know.

Kate Loden

Kate Loden is the complete definition of empowerment. Over the past 4 1/2 years that I have had the pleasure of working with her, she continuously empowers herself and everyone around her on a daily basis. Kate is a natural born educator in all that she does while uniquely building confidence in her students as well as other faculty and staff that she comes into contact with. No matter what she has going on, she always takes time out of her busy schedule to help educate everyone. Not only does she do this on a daily basis, she also does it with gusto! I hope Kate knows just how much she educates us all and how lucky SCC is to have her as an educator!

Lindsay Dickinson

Lindsay empowers and transforms students and faculty/staff with her "extra" work on the accreditation team, and also her volunteering for Global Education activities. With these additions to her workload, she is providing educational opportunities, and implementing pathways. And she always does it with a smile!

Lora Ives

Lora has partnered with Promineo Tech to offer certificate programs in high demand occupations such as Back and Front-End Developers. These courses have been a big success for individuals taking part in the GAP program which serves individuals who need financial assistance to further their education - giving them the necessary skills to move forward in their careers.

Audra J Podliska

Audra approaches her work within grant making with tremendous integrity. She cares about improving access for students from vulnerable populations by developing grant projects that target these demographics. She also strives to understand the intent of language with integrity in order to protect the college and maintain good relationships with funders. Lastly, she lives the team culture of compassion, friendship, and excellence.

Rey Huamancha

At ESQ Rey always goes the extra mile to make the campus look amazing. Just 2 weeks ago he cleaned up fecal matter off the sidewalk outside ESQ. This was not his job but took it upon himself to clean it so the image of SCC remains in good standing for anyone who passes by the campus downtown. He helps students when they need anything and is thinking of ways to make things better at ESQ. Over the years he has always been a great listening ear and has given me some valuable advice. He truly maintains the integrity of SCC. of SCC.

Bailey Michaels

Bailey works hard to create intentional experiences for students to showcase career paths and programs at SCC. She is very strategic is how she arranges tours and organizes information, presentations, and events to give students the opportunity to gain exposure to career paths. This year, she also organized two HUGE college fairs at SCC (Beatrice and Lincoln) to create paths to access to over 60 colleges and universities. Baily actively engages with SCC's mission every day!

Hannah Cook

Hannah serves as the College Advisor to the ECED Program. She has embraced this new role with passion and enthusiasm. She's gone above and beyond to make connections with the ECED faculty by attending our faculty meetings and our Program Information Session (Program Orientation) to get to know us and our students better so she can meet needs. She is eager to learn more about the early childhood field so that she can assist our new students in creating their educational and career pathways.

Paul Buell

Paul is committed to providing the best educational experience for our students.

Jennifer Euteneuer

"Provides educational opportunities." Jennifer works hard to make her classes educational and engaging. She is reflective on her practices, working to make her classes meet the needs of each student.

Lora Ives

Lora has been asked to join the Doane University Graduate Academic Affairs Committee. The GAAC reviews proposed curriculum modifications in the graduate programs. and being able to bring those skills back to SCC especially since SCC is planning to align with Doane for pathways.

Rochelle Morton

Empower and Transforms. Rochelle is so knowledgeable in all areas of our division (CE). She is very dedicated to making sure that all student records, internal documents, etc. are accurate and follow all necessary guidelines within the College. I am very lucky to call Rochelle my coworker, she is always willing to go above and beyond for the students as well as her coworkers. Thank you, Rochelle!

Janet Scott

Janet continues to devotes her time and energy to the global education program. She encourages and empowers student growth and development through global education in the classroom and in the community.

Tracy Kerner

Tracy is Part-Time at SCC, but you would never know that because she gives more than 100% to all the ways she interacts with the college. She is ready to meet unexpected student needs at 3 different SCC locations, can pick up and assist in Teams to help guide Prevention, Diversity & Inclusion and collaboration across departments. She is a great asset to CAPS and the college as a whole!

Dana Meyers

Dana created an HR certificate after determining a need. She worked closely with local workforce partners to create a program to fill a need. She has also taken on the task of helping to get the word out on our continuing education programs and align them with partnerships like the American Job Center. These educational opportunities are essential to getting necessary skills and opportunities to our community.

Shawna Herwick

Shawna puts her commitment to the mission of empowering and transforming first. She is always trying to improve her work and is tireless in her efforts to ensure collaboration, inclusivity, and transparency.

Carrie Campbell

Carrie enthusiastically and creatively encourages the math faculty to connect our work to the Mission of SCC. Her organization and leadership guide us to document and implement new ideas and teaching strategies as we work to implement the MAP process. Carrie leads by example, and I have found myself implementing many of her empowering teaching techniques.

Amy Doty

Amy speaks to everyone with an empathic, insightful ear, and empowers her colleagues to seek new knowledge and skills in teaching.

Diane Anderson

Diane has been an extraordinary mentor to me as I came into the fulltime faculty position in the Practical Nursing Program. She has also recently brought forth great ideas and a layout of how we can move our program into a different full time and part time track to support the success of our students and our program. I know that this took a lot of time on her part on top of teaching multiple classes. She really supports our Mission in Motion.

Caleb Herwick

Caleb is engaged with employers at WLTs and at the more challenging follow-up engagements that can be extremely challenging for a busy Dean. Despite his very busy schedule, he has attended numerous employer site visits where I have observed him to be a very engaged listener. I especially appreciate his willingness to contribute solutions that extend beyond his department. As an example, he proactively invites Continuing Education and Foundation Director representation to employer site visits. This enables a broader discussion of potential SCC workforce solutions that includes prospective and current students as well as employee upskilling opportunities. Caleb is also working with Milford Public schools on an exploratory pathway project that has captured the interest of Seward County Economic Development executives. With an eye to the future and despite a very short deadline, Caleb was successfully with his pursuit of a $40,0000 grant from the American Association of Community Colleges, Dell, and Intel that enabled SCC to be the first community college in Nebraska to join the AI Incubator Network. Caleb consistently embodies SCC’s Mission in Motion.

Jodi Nelson

Jodi is very empowering and always working on her ways to educate. She's an inspiration.

Rita Donlinger

Rita always wants the best program for the students

Jon Kisby

Jon works to move SCC into the future. He has been doing his best to empower and transform faculty to be forward thinkers in order to shape the next generation of technical workers. He asks for input from others around him and is open to listening to others’ opinions with an open mind.

Phip Ross

Phip empowers both students and faculty to constantly set goals, collaborate to achieve them, and grow into ever-improving practitioners and students. He works to improve access to educational opportunities by supporting existing department, division, institutional, and community goals and relationships while also continually looking for ways to build new supportive relationships at SCC and with the community via grants, outreach, and networking. He is truly focused on equal access for all students and models that in his approach as a leader of faculty and tutors.

Stacy Harrifeld

Stacey is the Student Life Coordinator on the Milford campus and she is a good embodiment of SCC’s “mission in motion.” She knows nearly every student by name and they know her. It is empowering for students to know that they are seen. They know that she is someone they can come to with questions or concerns. She also runs the Student Senate, which allows students to take part in running events, activities, and more. Students are able to experience being leaders, which is both empowering and transformative. The work that Stacey does really helps to build a community of students on the Milford campus. And on top of all that, she brings the fun!

Sanela Ganic

Sanela goes above and beyond for our program and her students. She works with students at various times of the day. She is willing to meet with students in person and zoom. She promotes technical and academic education to students and the community.

Marguerite Himmelberg

Marguerite embodies the "Mission in Motion" ideology. She does this with integrity by not just with her words, but by action. She is very invested in her team, Workforce Solutions (CE). Marguerite is very attuned to external partnerships and is highly respected in the community. This is through actions and being present when it's requested of her. Marguerite feels as strong about developing her team and being a role model as she does create strong external partnerships. Externally, she works with a various groups listening to their needs and helping connecting them to resources and solutions by creating educational opportunities. This demonstrates SCC is listening and we are going to help our partners develop their employees and community so businesses can thrive and remain relevant in their community. A few examples: SE Nebraska Manufacturing group, Lincoln Manufacturing group, Healthcare partners, the American Job Center, Lincoln Literacy, SENDD, the Manufacturing Alliance, and countless businesses in and outside of SCC's service area. Marguerite's team is showing confidence by also making positive impressions on industry and the community. This is something that is commended! Marguerite empowers and transforms everyone who works with her!

Vicki Rethmeier

Vicki is upbeat and engaging and makes the day brighter and brings people together to share ideas.

Dr. Carolee Ritter

Dr. Ritter truly exhibits and demonstrates the Mission in Motion. In addition to her exemplary leadership skills in the Arts and Sciences Division, she engages in daily work to support students and faculty, provide growth opportunities, and help ensure success for all at SCC.

Dana Meyers

Dana saw a need for Continuing Education to provide an opportunity for students to obtain a Certificate in Human Resources. She successfully designed the program and had 12 students participate in the first offering of this new program.

Kristi Lawrence

Kristi provides educational opportunities by discussing opportunities for high school students in her region to attend in-person events related to their career interests. Specifically, she promoted Manufacturing Day at the Milford Campus to welding students at Waverly HS. Her actions are also evidence that she is engaging in community and workforce development and empowering her students to increase their awareness of opportunities within their interest and skillsets.

Elina Newman

Elina is providing an educational opportunity to Beatrice High School students by teaching a F2F Psychology course. She went above and beyond her duties by meeting with one of the students, the student's parent, and a guidance counselor at the high school to discuss a pathway for that student's success.

Phip Ross

Phip Ross embodies the college's mission in so many ways, but I feel his dedication to "transform diverse learners" is one of the strongest ways he does this. Phip empowers our students to become better writers, to transform them, by frequently working with the DevEd English instructors to empower them to better aid students with learning challenges. He passes off new pedagogy; he organizes informal meetings to chat about various issues; he visits with us one-on-one. Phip is a strong asset for this college and a godsend to our students.

Bev Cummins

Bev Cummins is formalizing the program development process to be collaborative, timely, and integrated with other processes. These changes will be transformational and should result in increases in enrollment (among other things). transformational and should result in increases in enrollment (among other things).

Lynnett Paneitz and the MLT faculty

She is always discussing new ideas for classroom engagement; her faculty is working on changing to a flipped classroom style for more engagement and to increase learning; she always looks for new ways to promote MLT and how to reach more students.

Kat Kreikemeier

Kat lives out the Southeast Community College mission every day. Her commitment to lead a team and division of the College that empowers students to experience why SCC is the right path for educational opportunities is unparalleled. SCC is fortunate to have a leader, like Kat, who is willing to complete the tasks no matter the barriers. She repeatedly steps up to ensure support is given to others while keeping the SCC mission top of mind.

Nicole Trevena Flores

Nicole embodies the Mission in Motion, she is totally dedicated to bringing awesome opportunities to the students at SCC, working tirelessly as an instructor, department chair, Global Ed leader, the list goes on.

Michael Mellon and Gabrielle Johnson (Science Dept Co-Chairs)

Gabby and Michael have put forth a huge effort to adjust to their new roles as co-chairs of a growing science department. It is quite a challenge to manage a variety of courses, along with their associated laboratory classrooms, each having unique safety policies and management needs. In their short time in the role, they have put systems in place that help keep our diverse department on the same page. This is especially important as we continue to expand our laboratory spaces in coming years. In addition to management and organization, Gabby and Michael have worked to provide new opportunities for communication within the department. During our monthly department meetings, they provide a collaborative space that has allowed us to share common goals across and within our sub-disciplines. They also bring us opportunities from other areas of the college, such as how to implement service learning into our courses. They are a wonderful example of “putting the mission in motion.”

Chris Cummins

Chris is always looking for new and creative ways to help teachers and students be better engaged. Recently he has spearheaded projects like getting video/audio recording rooms up and running on all three campuses, provided distance learning and video training to help instructors provide are larger reach to their courses, and began creating an esports team/area where students of different backgrounds can come together in something they are passionate in and belong to a community while attending SCC. Through these and all of his work I believe his embodies the SCC mission in what he does.

Emily Heathcock

Emily is such a positive representative of SCC. She lives the SCC mission through recruitment and encouragement of anyone and everyone to find their purpose at SCC. She actively works with students to assist them in finding a pathway that is a great fit for them and is great about connecting with instructors and departments to better support students in their journey.

Karl Eikoff

Karl strives to make our program better for current students and strives to make our programs better align with others on campus. This alignment will allow students to have more opportunities for our students to find the right fit for them while a student here on campus. Karl has taken on an advisor role for the ESU6 students and helping to integrate them into our building and programs. This is a great community outreach and service to the young men that have taken apart of this program.

Phip Ross

Phip got the idea to apply for a grant to fund a new community-based position, Academic Outreach Coach, whose role would be to reach out to local non-profit agencies that care for individuals experiencing challenges and unstable life situations, including homelessness, poverty, abuse/domestic violence, family separation, food insecurity, mental illness, and/or isolation, and offer their participants a pathway to post-high school education. He pursued the idea, worked with our grant writer, produced all the necessary documentation, and got the position funded and running for three years starting August 1st, 2022! I believe this beautifully illustrates Southeast Community College’s mission of empowering and transforming the diverse leaners and communities of southeast Nebraska!

Marguerite Himmelberg

I have worked closely with her over the past year and she has a strong mission and strategic vision for connecting SCC educational opportunities and training to individuals and businesses in our community needing skills and upskill training for in-demand jobs. She has such a passion and in-depth understanding of higher education and builds trust and credibility with local industry partners. This reflects well on SCC! She has successfully built the Workforce Solutions program for SCC that has resulted in enrollment courses having over a 60% increase in net revenue. She portrays the Mission in Motion at SCC!

Amanda Baron

Amanda is committed to supporting faculty in the development as teaching professionals. She spends a great deal of time helping them with setting meaningful goals, identifying appropriate professional development activities to meet those goals, and discussing their reflections on those activities and how they can implement what they are learning. She works to empower and transform our faculty so they can empower and transform our students! Amanda also works to create educational opportunities by working with the other associate deans and chairs to develop professional development opportunities as well as campus and community displays and celebrations for things like Latin American Heritage Month, International Education Week and more.

Jackie Drozda

Jackie always goes above and beyond in actions in the classroom and clinical settings.

Cindy Meyer

Cindy Meyer has demonstrated Integrity and displays Ethical and Responsible Conduct at Southeast Community College for many years. She has the loyalty, trust and responsibility that promotes the Nebraska City Learning Center and Patrons, Students and Instructors alike trust her judgement. She works tirelessly to accommodate classes, schedules, and community needs. She is welcoming to everyone and a well-respected member of Nebraska City and surrounding communities as well. Her tenure with SCC is evident as she is always seeking the best options, promoting the college in a positive manner and accommodates everyone that comes through the doors. She has dedicated her career to promoting the college through her numerous responsibilities and her desire to think outside the box. She understands and practices confidentiality and ensures that individuals are treated fairly in all capacities. Her kind and welcoming personality has created a culture of acceptance and collaboration. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help someone out and does so with integrity and kindness. She is an asset to SCC in the way she carries out her role and responsibilities and has made the Nebraska City Learning Center such a success.

CES Services Team

Our team strives to represent Southeast Community College in a professional manner.

Carolee Ritter

Carolee exemplifies integrity and ethical conduct. She is honest and treats her colleagues with consistent and transparent leadership.

Mohammad Albawaneh

I believe he goes about his life and work in an ethical and responsible manner in which he is always willing to work with anyone and has enough integrity to ask for help when he does not know something and offer assistance even when he has little time available.

Nicole Green

Nicole was new to the MLT program in Summer 2022. Nicole had made an error during that could have resulted in the death of a patient in the real world. Prior to her instructor (myself) finding this error, Nicole had emailed me to let me know she realized this mistake was made after she had left lab. She continued by telling me she understood how detrimental this could be for the patient. Even though this was a simulated patient, she sounded distressed and mortified that she made a mistake. She admitted to the mistake and fully understood the impact she, as a medical laboratory professional has on patient lives.

Sharon Rehn

Sharon helps faculty with creating engaging classroom learning activities following the college's ELE model.

Ed Koster

Ed is the VP of Technology as well as the Milford Campus Director. These duties require him to operate with a great deal of integrity. He always approaches situations in an ethical and responsible way. He strives for fairness and unity on campus. He is sincere, yet approachable and willing to discuss any concern that students, staff, or faculty may have.

Cara Benedict

It's hard to give a specific example of how Cara practices this every day. She is sensitive and tuned in to all groups of people, and is driven by a desire to do the right thing/the thing that is in the best interest of everyone involved. She regularly exhibits a high level of integrity.

Carrie Derickson

Carrie goes about and beyond what is required of her to help assist students. With Professional Truck Driving constantly changing this past year, she has made sure that students are always taken care of. With the changes that occur, she is transparent with these students. Students always know all of their options.

Kat Kreikemeier

Kat has provided me with many educational opportunities since I was hired. She introduced me to many coworkers on all three campuses from the first week. She has empowered me with her encouraging words as I dive into new experiences with the college, such as going to college fairs and school visits. Her encouragement and positive attitude has given me the feeling that I can be successful in my position.

Amy Goracke

Amy is involved in the Nebraska State Assembly of Surgical Technologist and assists in provided continuing education opportunities for those in person and via Zoom. This expands the opportunity to those who leave a distance away or are on call for work and are unable to travel.

Tanya McKee

I have 38 years invested in my role as a financial aid representative. My career has enriched my knowledge and made me a more compassionate and understanding person to my peers, students/parents, and visitors. I go above and beyond my roles to help individuals find their path in life that will lead to their futures.

Financial aid is an important step in the students future. I help them find ways to attend college and not stress over how they will cover the cost. I take the time to visit with each student/parent/colleagues to understand what is needed and walk them through the process of applying for financial aid, meeting program requirements, staying on track for their degree. I patiently listen to their needs. Communicate and instruct them on how to pay for college. I introduce them to options available for assistance and guide them through the process. I care for each of our students and want to bring life to those with no hope....

I, for one, can feel their anxiety, stress and anxiousness, as they walk through the Financial Aid doors. I do everything I can to help resolve the tension that is felt within my visitors. It takes one individual to change a persons life and I've often been told that if it wasn't for me, they would have never finished their degree or found a career. My mission is to inspire others to be the best person they can be. To achieve their hopes and dreams and not let financial burdens stand in their way to success.

Amy Goracke

Amy goes above and beyond for her students. She empowers her students to go out and be the best they can while also acting on their behalf in their educational environments. She holds several educational, hands-on labs for her students and is always looking for new innovative activities to incorporate into her teaching.

Casey Glassburner

You can see the work Casey puts into everything she does. She is punctual, and empowering, and discusses ways the Surgical Technology program can improve to help students succeed not only throughout the program but also after graduation.

Toni Landenberger

Toni is an OUTSTANDING example of what every leader and person should be. At times she has to have "difficult" conversations with a student regarding an issue (either from a class or housing, etc) and she empowers the student to make better choices, rather than telling them the things that they have done wrong. She gives real-life examples of how their behaviors, if not changed, could affect them later on in life. She listens with care and compassion. She is a true gem!

Shawna Herwick

Shawna is one of the best "mission in motion" candidates at SCC! She shows this in all her work and efforts to prepare all of us for the HLC accreditation but also all other times throughout the year. Thanks for your expansive knowledge and willingness to answer questions or help out departments when needed!

Patrick O'Neill

Patrick is 1000% committed to our student and to SCC. He always takes the time to visit with our current and prospective students and provide the best experience possible for them. He is thorough, kind, empathetic and takes the time to understand our students and the unique circumstances they present. Patrick never shies away from an opportunity to help out students and his colleagues and he is always open and available to be of service

The Registration Team--All Locations

The individuals on the Registration Team are constantly working to improve services for students. They focus on how to make processes efficient and easy while creating an environment in the office that is welcoming to all.

Sharon Hart

Sharon continues to empower our Registration team and students to continue to involve themselves in all of the educational opportunities that SCC has to offer.

Makayla Kowalczyk

Makayla does transfer credit evaluations in the Registration & Records Office. These evaluations assist students with credit from other institutions to complete their degrees sooner.

Cathleen Oslzly

Cathleen is a valuable member of the Registration Team. She provides excellent customer service to students, staff, and faculty. She continually approaches her work with dedication and in providing the students with the best educational experience.

Michael Mellon

Professor Mellon is one of the most sought-after instructors at SCC. In Registration and Records, we have students specifically say they want to take courses he teaches. He motivates and inspires students in physical science classes. Students feel confident that they will understand the material and ace the class if he's leading.

Lori Vancura

Lori goes above and beyond to ensure that students and SCC employees have the tools and knowledge needed to be successful and make an impact. For me in particular, she has always ensured that I have both learning opportunities to expand upon and the opportunity to work hands-on with the material. She has also never shied away from any questions I ask her, even if it's my third time asking, and she does a phenomenal job at communicating with those under her in regards to how vital they are to the team, acknowledging when great work is done, and checking in when off days may occur. I am appreciative in more ways than one that I have had the opportunity to call her a colleague and friend, and have learned so much in my role that I was forever taken with me.

Emily Yokel

Emily is always positive and meets students where they are. She goes the extra mile to help students or at least find solutions. Emily empowers students and coworkers alike with her attitude and ability to find strengths in others.

Kat Kreikmeier

Kat works so hard to make sure that the enrollment division is at it's best. When these departments are at theor best then we are serving students in the best capacity. she is always engaging in community and workforce development. She sees the best in students and coworkers alike and pushes them to be the best they can be.

Sharon Rhen

She provides educational opportunities for staff each month.

Angela Cyza

Angela is an advocate for the students in our program. She is a caring, concerned person who is open to students in a variety of ways. If a student is having a personal issue, Angela will listen to them, help them, and if needed, direct them to the correct area of the college to seek help. If it is a question regarding learning, again Angela gives them tips to help them study or learn material. If there are questions regarding the radiology profession, Angela supplies the answer or finds out who to contact. She encourages and supports students while at the same time tries to make them see there are always options yet to be explored and most importantly€¦to never give up on themselves.

Emily Heathcock

Emily is a great person to have in Admissions. She is very organized, task driven and does a great job with communications. She informs our students of tasks to complete and upcoming events on our campuses. Emily is also hilarious, she makes us laugh every day!

Jessica Himmelberg

Jess leads by example in Admissions. She is positive, and encouraging and looks out for what is best for everyone. She works closely with students to help make a positive experience for them at SCC.

Radiologic Technology Instructors

As instructors, we are trying to empower students to be proactive in their education. For the national boards our students take, they must know the long way to get to their goal. However, by empowering our students in the clinical setting, they can find easier and shorter ways of achieving their goals. This transformation makes them better students and develops them into entry-level radiologic technologist.

Nancy McConkey

Nancy is always ready to explore how we can build our skills and accomplish the things we want. She is supportive of learning and training opportunities.

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