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Destination – HLC Re-Accreditation 2023 recap: Image


December 2022

As we close out another year, let us reflect on the accomplishments of the past year and plan for the coming. As we continue our journey of Destination HLC Re-Accreditation 2023 we ask that you take time to review the material shared for Criterion 1 and 2 these past months.

  1. Review Criterion 1 Presentation and complete the Criterion 2 quiz through the passport challenge

  2. Review our faculty, staff and students nominated for Mission in Motion & Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct . We’ve had over 100 nominations to date.



  • November Swag – complete the November 2022 Post Event Criterion 2 Trivia Challenge

  • October Swag – complete the October’s Post-Event Passport Challenge



Visit - scroll down on the main page for all the details.

January – Criterion 3

February – Criterion 4

March – Criterion 5

April – HLC Site Visit April 23-26, 2023

May – Wrap up event – grand prize drawings and more



Your engagement with Destination HLC Re-Accreditation 2023 is valuable. Here are a few ways to get engaged and encourage others around you to be a part of re-accreditation.

  • Ask how HLC re-accreditation engagement is going for others you work with

  • Complete the Criterion 1 and 2 passport challenges

  • Attend events this coming spring

  • Display your hard copy passport on your desk

  • Encourage team members to display their passports as well

  • Read the Accreditation Newsletters

  • Show off your swag you’ve earned from participating



Take a moment to review past newsletters to gain more insight.


We have exciting times ahead of us. Thank you for your engagement and commitment to Destination HLC Re-Accreditation 2023. We’ll see you at the January in-services for Criterion 3!

Destination – HLC Re-Accreditation 2023 recap: Text
Destination – HLC Re-Accreditation 2023 recap: List
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