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SCC maintains accreditation with HLC by following the Open Pathway. Every 10 years SCC goes through a full reaffirmation process called the comprehensive evaluation. There are three main components of the comprehensive evaluation:  

  1. Collection of evidence on how SCC meets HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation

  2. Submission of a written report called the Assurance Argument (written report)  

  3. On-site visit by HLC’s peer reviewers 

The Comprehensive Evaluation: List


SCC’s Strategic Objective 9.6 provides a guiding framework for the approach we are taking for the collection of evidence, writing of the report, and preparation for the site visit. The comprehensive evaluation is an exercise is reflection and improvement; pausing and thinking about our institutional strengths and opportunities for improvement. The College is committed to gathering broad-based feedback and input. SCC is committed to full transparency with the College’s internal and external community.  SCC has made great progress in the last several years, and we also realize that we have additional opportunities to improve in order to maximize a successful review in 2022-2023 

The College’s desired outcome for the comprehensive evaluation in April 2023 is to obtain recommendations from HLC that will be useful to future planning and operations.  

The Comprehensive Evaluation: List


Between now and April 2023 SCC will collect and analyze thousands of sources of evidence to determine the extent SCC meets HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation. Thousands of reports, data, team agendas and meeting minutes, syllabi, presentations, etc., will be gathered and analyzed. Then, SCC will submit a 35,000 word report responding to how SCC meets the five Criteria, along with the evidence files. Finally, a group of site visitors will visit SCC for two days and conduct onsite meetings to validate what was provided in the report and evidence filing.

The Comprehensive Evaluation: List
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