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In 2016-2017, Southeast Community College (SCC) completed the Year 4 Assurance Review process as required by the Open Pathway. As documented in the Team Report, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) commended the College’s Facilities Master Plan and noted that the College should have already made progress toward multiple projects at the time of the review. The HLC Review Team concurred with SCC’s assessment that all campuses require substantial investment to replace or renovate outdated facilities that have not kept pace with student or market demand. HLC recommended SCC demonstrate progress toward multiple projects for its full comprehensive evaluation in 2023.  

The College invited its HLC liaison, Dr. Tom Bordenkircher, to tour SCC’s facilities and meet with College leadership to assess needs and discuss expectations for progress needed for the upcoming comprehensive evaluation in 2023. Dr. Bordenkircher reviewed the College’s alternative Phase I Plan, which was developed following the College’s failed bond in 2016.

During his presentation to SCC’s Board of Governors, Dr. Bordenkircher noted items of particular concern: 

  • Continued progress on strategic planning, facilities master planning, program length, and student outcome assessment 

  • Formalize and implement co-curricular assessment plan  

  • Formalize processes for policies and procedures 

  • Agreement to provide annual updates on progress made toward multiple near-term facility projects prior to the next comprehensive review 

As a result of Dr. Bordenkircher’s visit, SCC entered into an agreement with the Higher Learning Commission to make progress toward the completion of multiple facilities projects and the other areas of concern by its next comprehensive evaluation in 2022-2023. An annual report is provided to HLC on the areas identified above prior to the annual visit with the Liaison to ensure the College continues to make progress through this proactive partnership.  

Action Agreement: List
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