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Welcome to our journey to Destination – HLC Re-Accreditation 2023. As we take this journey as faculty, staff, students and community, we want you to experience an adventure that empowers you to not only have an understanding of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), but also know why HLC is important to Southeast Community College (SCC).

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Potential Questions from Site Visitors 

The following are lists of potential questions that the Visiting Team may ask. These are not intended as an exhaustive list of questions; they provide a sample of the types of questions that might be asked. The site visit team may have very different questions based on their own expertise and reading of the documentation provided by SCC. Many site visit teams ask for concrete examples, so it is extremely helpful to provide specific examples in response to questions. 

Documents and Videos to Review

Ahead of the visit, we encourage you to review the Assurance Arguments and executive summaries for each of the criteria by clicking on the links below. SCC submitted the Assurance Arguments along with a wide collection of data to HLC. The Visiting Team will review these documents and the evidence ahead of the site visit.

Criterion 1 - Mission 

Criterion 2 - Integrity, Ethical, and Responsible Conduct

Criterion 3 - Teaching and Learning: Quality Resources and Support 

Criterion 4- Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

Criterion 5 - Institutional Effectiveness, Resources, and Planning

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